Risk analysis has value only where it helps to satisfy the ultimate goal of managing risks in the most efficient manner. Navigation Advisors possesses the expertise to add value in all areas of risk management: from risk assessment, to risk mitigation, to structuring a comprehensive enterprise risk-management program, to implementing active risk management throughout an organization.

In the critical area of cyber risk, the primary concentration is on:

  • Advanced tools for analyzing cyber risk, quantifying cyber risk exposure, and expressing risk exposure in terms of probability distributions of potential financial losses
  • Corporate risk governance and its impact on cyber risk exposure
  • Quantification, in dollar terms, of individual components of potential losses from data breaches and other cyber events
  • Threat intelligence, advanced persistent threats and insider threat analysis
  • Cyber insurance/reinsurance pricing approaches that are data-driven and significantly more risk-sensitive than the methodologies currently used by most of the industry

The ability to quantify cyber risk in financial terms and to define specific constraints, both financial and non-financial, is essential in making correct risk management decisions. Wherever possible, risks should be expressed in terms of dollars and associated probabilities. Having a probabilistic view of risk is as important in analyzing contingent cyber related events as it is in the analysis of other complex risks. For example, it allows the analysis of tradeoffs in choosing between purchasing a particular cyber insurance coverage at a specified price and the implementation of additional cybersecurity measures.

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