Navigation Advisors uses the most sophisticated analytical tools to identify and model risk factors individually and in the aggregate . The integrated risk management approach is necessary in order to see the big picture of risk and make informed risk management decisions at the enterprise level.

Combining cutting-edge analytical approaches to risk management with expert industry knowledge, Navigation Advisors is in a position to add value where others cannot. The developed body of intellectual capital serves as the biggest differentiator. Constant focus on research, whether in developing proprietary methodologies or software tools, helps Navigation Advisors to maintain superior knowledge and thought leadership.

In the analysis of cyber risk, its quantification and expression in financial terms are essential. A purely qualitative or checklist approach would never result in forming a view of risk that encompasses the many possible outcomes and leads to effective risk management decisions.

In the area of cyber risk insurance, the currently available analytical tools to evaluate cyber risk and determine appropriate insurance premiums are inadequate. The task is complicated by the difficulty of obtaining reliable data on the cyber risk exposure of insurance applicants, but we rarely see even this data fully used in the analysis. Navigation Advisors is meeting this challenge by developing and improving advanced analytics for cyber risk insurance.

A particular area of concentration for Navigation Advisors is the cyber-risk analytical tools and methodologies that can produce, wherever possible, meaningful risk measures for comparing various risk management options and performing an explicit analysis of any tradeoffs in cyber risk management. This is important because the high degree of uncertainty involved in cyber risk analysis makes most of the traditional risk metrics meaningless or unreliable.

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